Ada Lovelace Day

The brain codes in color

October 12th & 13th, 2020

Welcome to Hoppers

Hello and welcome, we are keen to celebrate our event with you all!

The event will feature technical workshops on web development ranging from programming to design as well as a variety of talks and discussions outside this that will help you grow your personal skills and allow you to meet inspiring individuals of the tech scene. See our schedule below for more information.

For the first time in Hoppers’ history we will hold a 2-day event to accommodate all the great speakers we invited for you! Everything will be online, but don’t worry, there is still merch: we have prepared a great virtual Hoppers planner for you!

Look around our webpage to find more information and we are looking forward to seeing you on the 12th and 13th of October!

Given the current situation, we've had the fantastic opportunity to invite speakers and participants from around the world. See the map below for more information.

Who was Ada Lovelace?

Ada Lovelace was a mathematician of the 19th century and is widely seen as the world’s first programmer. Through mathematics she met Charles Babbage and when he started working on the Analytical Engine in 1837 she realised to what extent it could be used. While he thought of it as a simple calculating machine, she saw what we would today call a computer. She wrote:

“The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform.”

Writing her thoughts about this engine down she wrote the first computer program! Ada Lovelace is a patriot for women in STEM and we are celebrating her day to celebrate the achievements of gender minorities in Informatics.

Our Speakers

Jenny Brennan
Researcher - Ada Lovelace Institute
Wendy Grossman
Freelance science and technology writer
Fabrizio Mundaca
Hub Chiclayo Valley
Elena Lape
Alex Lascarides
Professor in Semantics - University of Edinburgh
Elitsa Bankova
Software Engineer - Google
Lucy Havens
Web dev and designer - RBS, consultant - West Monroe Partners
Aditi Chalisgaonkar
Experience Designer - Local Theory
Becky Hartley
Women In Tech Programme Manager - PwC
Sneha Shekar
Security Research analyst - Cisco Systems
Iulia Crisan
Manager, International Growth Team - Google
Grazia Frontoso
Data Analytics Lead, Public Sector - Google
Caitlin Attal
Revenue Strategy Lead - Google
Brid McMahon
Head of Global Technology Partners - Google


Note: all times listed are in BST.

Monday, 12.10.2020
10:30 Pre-session Ice Breakers
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11:00 Keynote by Jenny Brennan
Jenny is a Researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute, working at the intersection of AI and data-driven technology, policy and society. Bridging policy and technology, Jenny has deep practical experience of the implications of these technologies from her work at Twitter and Entrepreneur first, as well as consulting with a number of early stage startups on projects ranging from developing AI personal assistants to teaching over 200 kids to code.
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12:30 Workshop - Introduction to Web Apps
Want to learn more about web development but don't know where to begin? This is an introductory workshop into web apps - suitable for beginners. There are a few instructions to set up your programming environment prior to the workshop. You can find the instructions here.
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Spark Workshop
Welcome to the augmented reality world. Spark AR allows you to create awesome filters for you social networks (Instagram and Facebook). Use your camera cellphone to take a shot of you wearing glasses with a beach on the background and much more. In this worshop you'll learn the basics to work on Spark AR and have fun. Creativity has no limits!
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14:00 Lunch break / Yoga Stretching Session
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15:00 UI/UX workshop
This workshop will focus on the process of building a user experience, using an example to demonstrate the importance of research, prototyping, and the final implementation. This workshop will be presented by Aditi Chalisgaonkar, one of our panelists in our future panel discussion session.
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Top tips for Freelancers - Edinburgh Innovations
If you think you might look at freelancing now or in the future, please join us to go over some of the practical considerations. In this session, we will cover various topics like how to market yourself, how to make sure you get paid and how to operate lawfully.
This particular version of the workshop is designed in collaboration with Edinburgh Hoppers, as part of Ada Lovelace day. It will be designed with web developers in mind, but the content is largely applicable to all freelancers.
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16:15 Life of a Digital Nomad - Elena Lape
Elena Lape is a final year AI & CS student currently based in London. Last year, she interrupted university to lead a nomadic lifestyle. She lived in a hacker house in a Panamanian jungle working remotely with GitHub, where she managed partnerships for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Elena is a firm believer in learning by doing and being unafraid to take risks.
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Tuesday, 13.10.2020
10:30 Pre-session Ice Breakers
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11:00 Keynote - Wendy Grossman
Wendy M. Grossman is a freelance science and technology writer specializing in computers, freedom, and privacy. In 1987 she founded Britan's The Skeptic magazine.
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12:30 Presentation of Tech She Can Charter - by Becky
The Tech She Charter aims to increase the number of women in tech roles by inspiring and educating young girls and women into tech careers. As a group we know this is an important problem to solve as technology is set to influence every aspect of our lives. We need to ensure that females have an equal opportunity to take part in the jobs of the future.

Becky Hartley runs the Women In Tech network including managing The Tech She Can Charter at PwC. She is passionate about equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, race, sexuality or background.
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13:00 Lunch Break / Pet Parade
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Submit your video for the pet parade here.
14:00 Workshop - #IamRemarkable
This is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Our facilitators for the workshop are Iulia Crisan, Grazia Frontoso, Caitlin Attal, and Brid McMahon.
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15:30 Tell me about your job
An interesting panel discussion involving women with various backgrounds and careers in the tech field. More about our speakers:

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Prof. Alex Lascarides studied Mathematics at Durham, graduating in 1984. While doing her maths degree, she also took options in philosophy and logic, and found that she enjoyed engaging in work that combines insights from the sciences and humanties. This developed into an interest in Cognitive Science, and she came to Edinburgh to do her Masters and PhD because of its reputation in inter-disciplinary research. She found the research environment in Edinburgh so stimulating and the city itself so attractive that she has stayed in Edinburgh ever since---other than one year spent at Stanford as a visiting assistant professor---first as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a lecturer, reader and professor.

Prof. Lascarides' research interests are in modelling discourse and dialogue, including face to face dialogues where people gesture as well as speak, and non-cooperative dialogues where people may be deceptive and unhelpful in other ways.

Lucy Havens is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, researching how technology can support the large-scale identification and classification of bias in archival descriptions. Previously, she worked at Royal Bank of Scotland doing design and development work for an internal data portal, and at West Monroe Partners as a business and technology consultant specializing in customer experience. She has a B.S in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and a AMSc in Design Informatics from the University of Edinburgh.

Aditi Chalisgaonkar is a Design Manager at Local Theory. She takes an integrated approach to new product development and UX - looking for the value at the intersection of business, design, and engineering. She has experience as a Designer at Walmart. Her academic background is in Integrated Innovation from Carnegie Mellon University, and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

Elitsa Bankova has been working at Google Zurich since 2018 as a Software Engineer in Knowledge Graph, used to enhance the Search results and answer Assistant questions. She has interned 3 times in the Zurich and MTV offices prior to joining full-time. Elitsa graduated in 2018 from the University of Edinburgh with a Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Outside of her work, she enjoys dancing and learning new languages, and is currently battling with (Swiss)German.

Sneha Shekar joined Cisco Systems as a Security Researcher after completing her undergrad in Information Science and Engineering in 2019. She is a GREM certified malware analyst and holds the Black Belt in the Cisco Security Ninja program. Along with threat hunting, reversing malware samples and building prototypes to keep the internet safe, she delivers talks and conducts bootcamps at various conferences like Cisco SecCon Village, IEEE young professionals section and multiple universities across India.

Etiquette for individual sessions

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we have a few guidelines that we expect our participants to follow during the individual sessions:
  • Please keep your microphone muted if you are not actively participating in a session.
  • If you want to ask a question during a session, please use the chat to do so. We have members from the committee who will be monitoring the chats for questions, which will be asked at the end of each session. Otherwise, please raise your hand (on Zoom), and when prompted, unmute yourself and turn on video (preferable). Our speakers would be more at ease if they could see you while you ask your question. The specific details of this will be given at the beginning of the session.
  • If a workshop requires some preparation beforehand, please do prepare and come. It will help run the workshops smoothly and efficiently.

Instructions for HubSpot Workshop

Hey there,

We are really looking forward to meeting you for the Ada Lovelace Day event and workshop! We just wanted to reach out ahead of time to let you know a few things that you will need for our virtual workshop.

We will need you to complete the tasks below before the workshop so that you are ready to go when we start:

  1. Create Heroku account (primary language = node) - Sign up here!
  2. Download and install heroku's command line tools - Set them up here!
  3. Create Github account - Sign up here!
  4. Download and install github's command line tools - Set them up here!
  5. Download and install Node.js (latest LTS version of node js is 10.13.0 not the Latest LTS Version: v6.10.1) - Get Node.js here!
  6. Download and install a text editor (I recommend sublime text - Get Sublime Text here!)

It is really important for us that every tool is installed, so we can start the workshop on time, and help you build your web app! If you are having any trouble with the above tasks please reach out ahead of and we will be more than happy to assist you with getting set up.

Thanks so much and we can't wait to meet everyone on the day!

Looking forward to seeing you all virtually on the day!
Nadia, Sara, Yu-Jo & Steph

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is the event a virtual one this year?

Given the unfortunate circumstances, we have decided to hold a virtual event this year. However, this provides a fantastic opportunity to invite guests and speakers from all around the world!

Is it free?

It is a free event, open to any who wants to participate. However, you would need to sign up prior to the event, which can be done here.

I am not in Informatics / do not study at the University of Edinburgh. Can I still attend the event?

We encourage people outside Informatics to attend our event. We have a host of talks which are non-technical - there's something for everybody! We also welcome students from other universities to attend our event - it's open to everyone!

I am not a woman / part of a gender minority. Can I attend the event?

We host this event to celebrate the successes of women and non-binary individuals in the tech field. However, we believe that anyone with a spirit to learn and interact with like-minded individuals are welcome at the event.

When is the event?

We are hosting a two day event this year - on the 12th and 13th of October.

Do I have to attend all the events in a day?

Though it is not necessary to attend every single session, we recommend staying with us through the day - we promise it will be a fun and educational experience!

What resources do I need to attend the event?

All you would require is a laptop and a stable WiFi connection - some workshops might require some preparation from the participants beforehand, which will be mentioned in the schedule.

What if I miss a session?

We are going to be recording each session, which will later be uploaded to our YouTube channel. You can check out our channel here.

What if I have troubles using Blackboard Collaborate because I am in China?

Try using the VPN service. The university website will help you set it up. See



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